Monday, October 20, 2008

Methinied Morricone

I’m not averse to Morricone here at IG (I do, after all, suggest Cinema Paradiso as a melodic atom for practicing guitar…), but here’s something out of my normal orbit:

I would, however, never recommend Metheny’s technique as a starting point to any of my students.

Video via The Jazz Guitarist.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

an sms conversation between two teachers of improvised music

SOH: Any tips for dealing with the hopelessly terrified?

TIG: Ritual humiliation? ;-)
Seriously, i recommend getting everyone to make
the "least musical sound". Invariably what they do
is still quite musical (and/or boring and loud),
so you can push them to do better.

SOH: That sounds like a good idea.

TIG: Honestly, students - they think they should
preempt the music.... :-)

SOH: These guys seem to think that they could be silent
when they're asked to perform & somehow the
improvisation fairy will visit in the night.

TIG: Improv fairy? Mwhahahahaha.

SOH: Haven't you heard of her? She brings freedom & fun
& exemption from effort & lots of good shit like

TIG: Substitute the improvisation sandman who comes at
night to take away your muse if you haven't played.

SOH: Yes, I will rule with fear! Maybe I should get a
scary costume.