Friday, January 19, 2007

playing in position pt. 8a: one string melodies (yet again)

Despite what I’ve said, we’re going to visit the one string melodies one last time before entering into a very brief discussions on physiology and posture.

Let’s deploy the extended hand shape into the one string line/melody (still Morricone’s music from Cinema Paradiso). If you’ve been following this thread and these tasks, you should have no difficulty with the following:melody played with fourth fingerThis is largely the same as the first example in ‘playing in position pt. 5: one string melodies (again)’, merely shifted into a diatonic context. Note that we’re variously alternating between ‘finger-per-fret’ and the ‘extended’ shapes depending on the underlying scale structure. As before, you can also play the line alternately with the first and the fourth finger:melody played alternately with fourth and first fingersThere’s actually a lot of information to assimilate here, so take your time with these, and we’ll continue in part 8b.

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