Monday, June 25, 2007

doppelgänger from a parallel plane

By the way, earlier this year something very much like this happened…

“You were at Barcelona!”
“Uh, Barcelona? Er… no.”
“Yes, ICMC 2005.”
“Heh. Uh, no, you’ve got the wrong person.”
“Uh, no….”
“Then where did we meet?”
“Did we meet?”
And a couple of months later…
“Hi. How’re you doing?”
“We met in Barcelona—ICMC…?”
“Okay, Okay. You’re confusing me with someone else….”
“No… really?”
“I know this for a fact ’cause I’ve never been to Barcelona nor have I been to an ICMC.”
That’s happened twice so, although it’s not quite like the other incident, now I know I have an evil twin sibling.

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