Tuesday, April 17, 2007

great fools’ minds differ alike, seldom think

There must’ve been something in the air. Check out the following:

Or…Almost like I’ve discovered my doppelgänger from a parallel plane… ;-)


jinx said...

Bizarre. But shredguitar didn't create new images. At least one image on this page will look familiar:


jinx said...

Just noticed you already linked to the Hyperphysics piece on harmonics.....

shred guitar said...

this is weird lol

I am the author of the other blog,

I've never seen yours until now
and all the stuff was written by myself and not influenced or based on something else

I abandoned my blog a while back
it was rubbish really, I hope to rebuild it from scratch soon

all the string theory came to me during my physics lectures;
I remember thinking "hey, these nodal point things are related to harmonics"

you have a nice blog, keep it up!

the improvising guitarist said...

Don’t worry: I didn’t think your posts were plagiarized—this knowledge is far too general.
Anyway, thanks for reading.

S, tig