Sunday, December 10, 2006

solo: writing about music is like…

Other things have conspired to keep me away from this blog (not least having to do some ‘real’ writing this month), but also one of those brick walls has hit on the blog as well….

Having, optimistically, kick-started this thread on the solo context, I thought I could separate the various elements—the various techniques and tactics—that I enroll when solo. I would talk about, say, the lexical model, the cyborg aspects, the pianistic transpositions in their own corresponding entries. Well, at least that was the scheme I proposed in that first entry.
Things, however, never work out quite how you expected, and as I tried to formulate these ideas in my head, they started unravelling. Or, more accurately, the opposite of unravelling—elements started to fuse together. Or, better yet, I realized that these discrete categories were a lazy dogma that I carried around without thinking about its unworkability.
I couldn’t figure out how to talk about one element without another infecting it. Couldn’t figure out how to maintain the ‘purity’ of the ideas (yet more blurry boundaries, but this time in regards to writing and thinking music). Thinking about pianistic transpositions, for instance, would intersect with notions of the vocabulary, which, in turn, seemed to be connected with the cyborg dialogs.

I will get back to this, but the process of writing about this might be a little bit more haphazard, a little bit tentative and aimless (hopefully in the best sense of the word), than I had initially sketched out.

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